We’ll blow off your heads, bury you like vultures – Wike warns IPOB members


Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has threatened to kill members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and bury them like vultures.

Wike said this on Tuesday during the commissioning of construction work at the Ahoada Campus of the Rivers State University and the dualisation of the Ahoada-Omoku Road in Ahoada Town.

Addressing the crowd, the Governor warned the youths to repent and shun all forms of criminality, threatening that his administration will kill those that fail to repent and bury them without the knowledge of their families.

“So, when people say, ‘IPOB, they’re carrying ‘Juju’, I say no problem. What’s happening, are they not dying? Let nobody deceive you with that juju. Don’t ever you! So, today, those of you criminals that are here…all of you criminals that are here, say ‘today, 2nd May, 2021, I repent.’

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“If you don’t repent, your funeral has come. You’ll die, your parents will not bury you. We’ll bury you like vultures. Either your hands will be cut off or we’ll blow your head off.

“You parents will not even know that you’re dead. We’ll not even tell your parents that you’re dead. No armed robber has parents. Nobody should because of what you are doing in Ahoada, challenging people, killing them, you go on the water, bonkeries killing people and you think you’ll go free? You’ll never ever go free. So all of you looking at me as if you are my supporter, carry your support and go!”

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