Those basslines on chinyere udoma pure praise should be minted as an NTF on the Block chain



Eme Ka

A facebook user By the name: ”Princewill Fammie Okafor Described how happy and Marveled he is; Listening the the bassline played on Chinyere Udoma’s album titled Pure Praise 1&2, played by Emeka 

Listening again and again to pure praise albums 1&2 this morning i cant help but gush

and marvel at the masterpiece of a bass line that Emeka dropped on this albums..

Man, Those basslines should be minted as an NTF on the Block chain, that’s how special it is ..

it gave me nostalgic feelings.  Emy, You are arguably the best contemporary indigenous bassist east of Niger, Abeg anytime you 

see me bill me, i owe you one bro


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