“SCAM” By Veezy Jay Becomes TikTok Most Trending Love Song

Top hits like Nwantiti, alcohol etc which made it through 2021 cleared the top chart on tiktok while in less than few hours of officially dropping the single “SCAM
Veezyy Jay has been able to create a grand entry into the top chart with this highly emotional song.
Veezy Jay who is fondly called “The Sexiest” by his fan had in recent times dropped hits like “FIGHT US” BY BARDBOILEXXY X Veezy JAY FT MOONBORN, GO SLOW and many fantastic singles but
SCAM just crowned the sensation singer as one of the best as celebrities and top Influencers have started to bounce on the #SCAMCHALLENGE.
Obviously Veezy Jay is one to look out for in the music industry.
Find link below to watch and listen to the viral tune

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