Relationship at Workplace

Relationship at Workplace

The modern work environment is famous for its Sycophancy, Diplomatics, Politics, and Ass Kissing as some love to call it. But workers who put in extra effort to build and maintain platonic relationships get to enjoy the benefits of the fundamental needs of every human being, which are to be heard and to be loved.
With this in mind, we bring to you the 4 benefits of maintaining a healthy relationship with your colleagues, bosses & subordinates.

1. Who’s going to fill in for you

It could happen to anybody, you are running late at work, and your kids are the only one at school, who is going to fill in for you while you sneak out to pick them up.
Reasons to sneak out or leave work urgently vary for different individuals. It could be a situation of emergency, not so critical but urgent, could be anything even as minor as running late after lunch, a quick check-up in the clinic or dentist, or perhaps long traffic on your way back to work. Whatever the case may be I hope you have someone to fill in for you while you are away.

2. Someone has to watch your back

Except you are the boss or in some way related to the boss, no one is spared from the politics that goes on in the workplace
One of my favorite sayings is “haters must hate & potatoes must potato.” Even Jesus Christ the most righteous man was hated, so who are you to think there is no backstabbing and gossiping behind those beautiful smiles and warm greetings.
You remember the story when Jesus Christ on the day of persecution was carrying his cross and along the way he got tired and a certain Simon came and helped carry the cross. Who is going to stand up and speak for you when others are having fun in mediocrity, taking turns to mock your imperfections?

Relationship at Workplace Relationship at Workplace

3. Work Buddy Turn Friends

Research indicates that in a lifetime individuals get to switch careers and jobs up to 5 times.

In my early years switching from job to job, I met a very hardworking lady during one of our training sessions hosted by the company I was working with at that time and she said something that has stuck with me she said “it is in our current job that we would meet someone that would take us to that next level we desire in life, the next level could be in switching carriers or meeting a life partner or life-changing opportunities that would alter our lives greatly, but it all starts at your current job, the relationship you choose to keep, the skills and lessons we learn.

4. Favoritism is here to stay

We have all heard stories of individuals who got promotions or opportunities because of the relationship they maintained with the individuals who had access to that information. You can call it luck, but such good lucks doesn’t just happen out of the blue.
There is an inner circle that determines such good luck in every organization. If you don’t have access to that inner circle favoritism might not switch the hands of good luck to your turn.

Relationship at Workplace Relationship at Workplace

Which of the above benefits makes a lot of sense to you or better still which of them have you enjoyed in the past, feel free to share in the comment session. Or send a mail to [email protected]

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