Power must return to South – Ohanaeze fires back at Northern elders

Power must return to South – Ohanaeze fires back at Northern elders

Power must return to South – Ohanaeze fires back at Northern elders

In front of the 2023 Presidential political decision, the Igbo zenith socio-social association, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has kept up with that the Presidency should get back toward the Southern piece of the country.

Ohanaeze said the Northern Elders Forum, NEF, are against drafting of the Presidency since it was the turn of the Southeast to deliver Nigeria’s President.

The body was responding to the place of the NEF on the drafting of the Presidency.

NEF as of late glared against the drafting of the 2023 Presidency.

Responding, Ohanaeze in an explanation named: “The drafting antics in Nigeria”, endorsed by its representative, Dr Alex Ogbonnia, said NEF was attempting to obliterate what adjusts Nigeria as opposed to looking for answers for the nation’s concerns.

The body reviewed how power pivoted from previous President Olusegun Obasanjo (Southwest) to Musa Yar’Adua (North) to Goodluck Jonathan (Southsouth) and to President Muhammadu Buhari (North).

Ohanaeze uncovered that the issue of pivot of force was imagined in 1994 by a few Nigerian loyalists to guarantee value and comprehensiveness of all pieces of the country.

“It was additionally concurred that political workplaces will be drafted or appropriated among the zones so that each zone will have a feeling of having a place. Besides, the Presidency in Nigeria will turn among the zones to advance harmony, solidarity and progress.

“The NEF knows that Nigeria has strictly followed the revolution and drafting guideline starting around 1999 with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (South West) as the chosen President of Nigeria. Obasanjo, with regards to the revolution standard, gave over to previous President Umaru Yar’Adua ( North West) in 2007.

“With the passing of Yar’Adua, a Southerner, explicitly the South, in the individual of Dr Goodluck Jonathan was chosen as President. Jonathan likewise gave over to a Northerner, President Muhammadu Buhari, whose second residency of four years will end in 2023. By the revolution and drafting rule that has been in activity in Nigeria, it is quite reasonable that the Presidency be drafted toward the South, explicitly the South-East district,” he said.

A few partners have been clamoring that the Southeast ought to deliver Nigeria’s next President in 2023.


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