Disturbed by frequent killings, maiming and destruction of properties almost taking over the region, the Arewa Youths Consultative Council, has unveiled a new sustainable security project for the entire 19 states in the north.

The projects, tagged, “Project SUSPRONS 2021-2031”, which targets 2,750,000 youths across the 19 states, was also aimed at rejuvenating the psyche of the northern youths to rise above being allowed to be used as veritable tools for political thuggery, joining banditry, and other criminal groups that today helps in the near destruction of the northern region.

The AYCC in a meeting on Saturday in Kano discussed the basic fundamental strategies that will free the region from the bondage of insecurity.

“We are here to talk senses to our selves bring about means that will be aimed at proffering solutions to the insecurity problems that bedeviled Northern Nigeria,” the National President of the Council, Zayad Ayuba Alhaji, said.

According to the National President of AYCC, the event will launch a strong project that will plot how banditry, kidnapping and other social atrocities will be curtailed before 2031.

“This project, called SUSPRONS will engage youths in the whole 19 Northern states across the federation to work assiduously in making it history before 2013.

“That it will the capacity of women to actively play their roles as mothers and to empower them in encountering violent extremism… That the project will discourage recruitment of youth into banditry, kidnapping, Boko Haram among other criminal acts,” he said.

He said the council will engage and sensitize the youths who are critical stakeholders to bring the beginning and the end of banditry, kidnappings and Boko Haram insurgency in the north.

Similarly, the group planned to build the capacity of women to actively play their roles as mothers and to empower them in countering violent extremisms and radicalism amongst the children.

Zayad, said other things they planned to do is discouraging the recruitment of youths into various criminal gangs, banditry and jihadist groups through awareness and capacity development initiatives.

“The overall projects are targeting 2.75 million youths across the 19 states of the North plus Abuja.

“We are establishing a permanent and reliable avenue for engagement and sensitization of young people across the north for them to rise up against insecurities in the region,” he said.

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