Nigeria@61: It’s time for youth to rise, change emblem of leadership – Prof Nwaokobia


The Convener, CountryFirst Movement, Prof. Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr, has called on the youth to rise and take the country back to its lost glory come 2023.

Prof Nwaokobia, in a message to mark the nation’s Independence Day celebration, observed that at 61, Nigeria is still facing many challenges ranging from insecurity, poverty, joblessness, hunger and underdevelopment.

He lamented that with low hope, with little or no courage, he enjoined Nigerians not to despair but to have faith that one day things will be better for them.

He advised that as the country approaches the next election in a few months, the youth have to realise that now is their time to ensure credible leaders emerge in the affairs of the country for better things to come the way of all Nigerians.

He called on all youth to ensure they come out and register and have their voter cards to guarantee them exercise their fundamental right of electing the right candidates that would pilot the affairs of the country in the right direction.

He stressed that the only work for the youth is to walk towards the realization of the dreams Youth O’clock, stressing that come 2023, the youths in the country would cast their votes irrespective of bias of religion, tribe or section but to ensure the right candidates emerge victorious.

He said that time has come when Nigerian youths will begin to think what is proper and do what is proper in order to take the country to its proper place in the comity of nations.

He explained also that it is time for the youth to critically take control of the leadership of the country Nigeria in all realms and change the narrative of the country towards ensuring that the best candidates are elected into governance come 2023.

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