February 8, 2023
Omotola Oladoyin – “Mo Gbe O Ga”
Fast-rising Nigerian gospel singer, Omotola Oladoyin, needs no introduction in the Gospel music scene, her ministration has touched thousands of lives evidently through her songs of worship and praise
Omotola Oladoyin s a passionate gospel music minister, who has continued to be a blessing to the body of Christ and driven to win souls to God’s Kingdom. Despite her understanding of music, she is a sort out minister whose mandate is to worship in spirit and in truth (John 4: 23-24).
She is the convener of a monthly program tagged “IN HIS PRESENCE”, a renaissance praise and worship program that brings different gospel ministers within Nigeria together every month.
She has been impacting lives through her ministration when ministering in programs or concerts organised by churches or other Christian fellowship groups.
She is a strong front for those who call on the name Jesus, and she ushers the year with a powerful rendition titled “Mo Gbe O Ga(I Lift You High”
This is definitely a must have on your playlist, a song of elevation, upliftment and what else can be better than singing praises to God?
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Erujeje leti okun (The most powerful by the sea)

Olorun tin je emi ni (The God that bears I Am)

Eleyin ju anu (The one with eyes of mercy)

Abiyamo lojo ija (Our deliverer in the day of battle)

Kabio osi o (The Unquestionable God)

Iwo loni gbogbo ogo (All the glory belongs to you)

Ari’ ogo sogo (He who sees glory and His glorified)

Ologo t’oni ogo(The glorified that owns glory)

Aterere kari aye o (The one who spreads over all the World)

Eleburu ike baba (The God whose care for us Overflows)

Ogbigba ti ngba alailara (The one that saves who is helpless)

Gbanigbani lojo ibi (The one who saves in time of trouble)


Olorun tin je emi ni (The God that bears I Am)

Mo wa gbe o ga o (I’ve come to lift you high)

Sebi Iwo lo t’osi (And it is You who deserved)

Lati gba ogo (To accept the glory)

Olorun tin je emi ni (The God that bears I Am)

Alagbara giga (The most powerful)

Ninu awon Orun o (Among the heavens)

Iwo ma lo t’osi baba (Father it is You who deserved)

Lati gba gbogbo ogo (To accept all the glory)


Ato f’ise ogun ran o (The one worthy to be sent for war)

Awimayeun oba (The king who speaks and does not change is words)Sebi Iwo ma lo t’osi o (And it is You who deserved)

Lati gba gbogbo ogo (To accept all the glory)

Verse 1:

Oran omo ni’se fayati (He who sends out His children on a mission and supports them)

Atobiju lo, alewilese e (The Almighty, He that can speak and act)

Lolorun mi o (Is my God)

Sebi iwo lo lana (It is You who made a way)

Fun awon omo Israeli (For the children of Israel)

Oyin ara re logo (You exalt yourself)

Ninu irin ajo aye won (In the journey of their lives)

(Back to chorus and Solo)

Verse 2:

Olorun ton seun (The God who does)

Teni kankan ko lese(What no one can do)

Emi taro pe kole pago o (I am the one who have been written off)

Mo ko’ile alarinrin (I now built a stellar house)

Nigba ti aye sope o tan (When the World said it’s over)

Iwo olorun sope oku o (You Lord said it still remain)

O yin ara re logo (You exalt yourself)

Ninu irin ajo aye mi (In the journey of my life)

(Back to chorus and Solo)

(Interlude and Modulation)


Mo gbe o ga/2x (I lift you high)

Kabiesi eledumare (My God that cannot be questioned)

Gbigbe ga loruko re (Your name is worthy of Praise)Adupe o, amu’ope wa o (We are grateful, we bring our thanks)

Ijinle ife eleru niyin (The depth of love, the God who is fearful in praise)

Iyin ye metalokan (Praise be to the Trinity)

(Back to Chorus)

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