Music: Cheubeatz- Loving You

Loving you is a piece of my emotional backdrop, a story of two hearts in close thighs divided at the lines of life desires and wants, but still not in total denial of the existing affection that daily breeds and grows on loud silences and untamed feelings. This is one of those rare songs and moments that I barely reflect on, obviously because of its sweet bitter memories, but here I am once again looking straight into the mirror and glaring at my own reflection, thoughts that will forever have a spicy place in my heart.

Uchechukwu Uchegbu (born May 25), professionally known as Cheubeatz, is a Nigerian music producer and recording artist. After his introduction in 2013, Cheubeatz has seized every moment of his musical journey with crisp creativity and work flow which has earned him an outstanding recognition. He is managed under owned imprint, Siqsound Record.

Credits: Produced and recorded at Siqsound Recording Studio.
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