Muhammed, Alakija, Awosika, others preach against disintegration of Nigeria


Business moguls, educationists, politicians and other stakeholders have urged Nigerians to shun any act, such as tribalism, inequity and dissension that can inflict disintegration of the country.

The experts also make the case for the idea that women should be allowed at the centre of negotiations saying the gender are blessed with persuasive methodology which will help the country coming out of the present crisis.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Amina Muhammed, preached that women should be given central roles in peacekeeping dialogues.

Muhammed said this in a virtually public lecture organised by Osun State University, UNIOSUN, Osogbo held at the school auditorium to celebrate the 70th birthday of Dr Folorunsho Alakija who is the Chancellor of the institution.

Speaking on the theme, “Social Cohesion, Equity and Sustainability: Time for Unity in Action,” the UN Deputy Secretary-General who was the guest lecturer of the program said “Utilising the capacity of women in local communities remains an untapped reservoir in Nigeria. As the first female chancellor in Nigeria.

“What can we do as one people in a multiethnic, multicultural society like Nigeria? What if women took a central role in peacekeeping dialogues? Studies indicate that when women are included in peace processes as mediators or negotiators, 35 percent are likely to last 15 years.”

In her remarks, Dr Alakija frown on the act that can disintegrate Nigerian, saying that the country should refocus and ignore the act of disunity.

According to the business mogul, “We are disuniting ourselves. This needs to stop, and there should be a refocus. We need to do something about it quickly. Nigeria must not disintegrate. We must allow the female gender to step in to help and play the role God intended us to play. God has endowed the woman, not only to be a home major or a helper to the husband but can also be a helper to bring change to Nigeria, the society.”

Earlier, in their discussions, other stakeholders who spoke virtually or physically at the program spoke on the importance of the theme.

The immediate former chairman of first bank, Ibukun Awosika, who was one of the discussants preached for unity of Nigeria.

Awosika who spoke virtually said, “We need a nation, not a tribe. We cannot have a nation that is prosperous except we Nigeria cannot make a deliberate decision about it. Change in a nation either comes from top to the bottom or bottom to top. We have no Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo passport but a Nigeria passport.”

Also speaking, Prof Olubukola Oyawoye, a former Commissioner of Environment in Osun State called for the promotion of fairness and equity as pathways for sustainable development.

Backing the idea of giving women a vital position in governance, she said, “Putting women at the centre of negotiations, Nigeria is likely to get a more persuasive methodology of asking all worrying Nigeria not to go to war.”

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