Kwara govt signs first phase of minimum wage agreement with labour union


Kwara State government has signed the long-awaited minimum wage agreement with the labour unions in the state.

DAILY POST reports that the payment for levels 01-06, began in February 2021.

However, the signed agreement, holds that the consequential adjustment would be implemented “as would be agreed upon by the minimum wage committee” amid ongoing negotiations between the two parties.

A statement on Saturday by the spokesman of the governor, Rafiu Ajakaye, in Ilorin said, ” the effective date for the first phase of the new minimum wage implementation covering grade levels 01-06, shall be 1st day of February 2021.

“The consequential adjustment of the new minimum wage for GL 07-17, shall be implemented by the state government across board in accordance to relevant salary structures in the state public service and their relativity as would be agreed upon by the minimum wage committee,” the statement explained.

It further added that ” all due processes of promotion for workers in the state public service, shall be concluded on or before their due dates and annual salary increment shall be implemented for workers as and when due in accordance to their condition of service.

Pensions, according to the agreement, shall also be reviewed upward in the state based on the percentage agreed upon by the minimum wage committee, when the consequential adjustment is being considered.

The implementation of PAYE shall be maintained in line with the existing tax law, the agreement added.

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, who witnessed the signing ceremony, commended the understanding of the labour unions, assuring that the state government remains committed to the welfare of the people, including civil servants who are the engine room of the public service delivery.

State Chairman of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Issa Ore, said he had the mandate of the workers to conclude work on the signing of the new minimum wage for the junior cadres, adding that negotiation was still ongoing on the consequential adjustment component.

” Today, we were able to sign that leg of the minimum wage agreement which affects only grade levels 01-06.

” You know there are two legs under it, the new minimum wage and the consequential adjustment is still going on,” he stated.

The agreement was signed by Issa Ore, on behalf of labour unions, while the Permanent Secretary, Service Welfare, Afusat Afolabi, signed on behalf of the Head of Service/Chairman of the government’s minimum wage committee.

The signing ceremony was also witnessed by top government officials and labour leaders.

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