Kaduna residents celebrate Sallah, in spite of security threat, hardship


Kaduna residents on Tuesday came out en masse to pray for the improved condition of Nigeria and Kaduna State.

Although they converged at the praying ground in accordance to COVID-19 protocols, they prayed aggressively against the security threat bedevilling the state before they all departed for their homes.

Beyond negative expectations of not having enough to wine and dine during the festive period, many people were surprised to see food on their tables supplied by their loved ones.

The Sallah celebrations in Kaduna State is one of its kind as both Muslims and adherents of other religions came together to have fun.

In a sermon delivered by the leader of Kajuru Muslims community, Alhaji Idris Mohammed, “we are pressed to add more aggressive prayers over the security threat to Kaduna state, security threat to the people and residents of the state. We need to pray aggressively for our children in Kidnappers’ den, we need to pray for availability of foodstuff and all that is needed to keep soul minds together.”

Hajia Munirat Hafsat who was surprised to have enough gifts of consumable food early morning on Tuesday said ” may Almighty Allah be praised. Over a week, I have been thinking how to get enough money to buy foodstuff to celebrate this Salah, but to no avail. Early this morning, I heard a knock at my door. Behold, two people stood with heavy plates covered with clothes on their heads. It was filled with meat, rice, salad and enough soup,” she said.

Alhaji Suleiman Yakubu also speaks in the same vein.

“I lost my job, and my wife died early June this year. All that I have, I sold them when my wife was sick. It became difficult for me to feed my ten Children. But, two weeks ago, someone I don’t know surprised me. He gave me 3 bags of rice, and advised me to send my account number. Behold, this morning, I received an alert from him, who later called me to confirm.”

While the celebration and fun was ongoing in the state, many seemed to have forgotten about their past experience of security threat, bandit attacks as the entire state kept booming with sound of music, dance, joy and celebrations.

Adamawa Police Command deploys 1,207 personnel for Sallah

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