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How to immigrate to Canada

by sayflexxyblog

Did you see that tweet? The tweets where someone said; just get 4 million naira and travel to Canada, stop procrastinating!

Goodness! Twitterians went wild!

“4 million naira?”

“Where do we get such from?”

“How many Nigerians actually earn up to 4 million naira per annum?”

“A whole 4 million naira????”

These were some of the replies on Twitter.


Well, maybe for some people 4 million grows on the tree and for others it’s just a chicken change. I mean, it’s in this same Nigeria, someone travelled to another country just to get some gelato!

“Las las, life is a dice of 50/50, you say?”

What if we tell you that somehow, life can actually give you a 90/100 chance as against 50/50, without a high stake?

Did you just say impossible? Or give the “yimu” sign?


Let’s explain!

When you play a game on www.dice.ng, with as low as 100 NGN. You stand a chance to be one of the winners and that’s not all.  And as a game creator, you get extra cash, for just creating a game!


What’s more?

You have a 90% chance of being a winner, even if you don’t get the first place.  If you really want that 4 million NGN. Dice Ng has just made it easier for you.

You can trust Dice Ng because there’s a leaderboard for you to see the amount won, who the winner is, and who has the highest stake. You also have an opportunity to cash out immediately, either through pay stack, flutter wave or any other bank, you love and trust!

Ready to go to Canada (or any other country)? Visit www.dice.ng and start winning!

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