Exclusive Interview with Hon. Lekan Shonibare

1: Can we know you sir?

My name is Lekan Shonibare, I am an indigene of Epe from ita rabugba compound
I am presently a building contractor MD of Lekus construction services board member of Lekus global service Limited

2: sir we noticed that you are contesting for a political position for House of Assembly, what can you say about this?

Yes, I am contesting under APC party to represent Epe Constituency 1, as a member of lagos state house of assembly but I am still consulting

3: People say the failure of the Nigerian people to hold their leaders accountable is also part of the problem, that we have followers who don’t ask questions, who don’t want to know how the government is run, and that it had largely led to the government or the rulers doing what they want once they get into office. Do you think that’s true?

Well everyone have their opinions toward situations, but the present Governor Sanwo- olu answers to all questions as long as it’s relevant, the listening ear our excellency his given to the youths is what I will be emulating, I will create a chance for everybody in the constituents to ask questions, I am putting together all of this things

4: We always hear people telling the electorates to vote their conscience during the election. But when the election comes, politicians share money and it’s largely those who shared the money that wins. To use the most recent examples, it happened in Anambra, Ekiti, and from all indications, Osun. Do you worry that would also play a huge role in 2023?

I have never voted for money, and am not sharing any money perhaps money is needed for logistic in campaign and other functions

5:You’ve said that you are not in politics because of the money. But you need money to implement structures. You need to pay people to run these structures. Are you not thinking about the enormous funds you’d need to put these things together?

sincerely it has not been stressful for me, maybe it’s just because people want me to be their representative due to my contribution to humanity in the past

6: When you say you have structures for the people of Epe Constituency, are they physical structures? Or just individuals?

If I have to be honest with you there is no aspirant who want to contest without manifesto more so this is democracy where u have to go house to house to consult if anyone can do this round the entire Epe constituent 1, his or her eyes will be open to more things that need to be done that will brings in development to the community, more so Epe need unity, I have it in mind that when am elected I will complete all the unfinished situations the incumbent couldn’t finish and I will bring in anything that can enhance peace and unity because I want a footprint of legacy that Epe community will always remember me for

7:Is there an accountability process for these monies?

Like I said earlier, as a progressive person that I am, I have been contributing in my little ways before now so no accountability of any money, because no body ask me for money

8:So far, there are at least 20 political parties aiming for Electricial race . But the most popular ones remain the APC and the PDP. Recently, we have been hearing about a Third Force that will provide a stiffer opposition to these two? How do you see that possibility?

Let’s leave PDP out of this, APC is a big political party and the ruling party, in addition if you are good to people you don’t need to find it hard to win election

9:If PDP approaches you to join there party; would you join them?

I can’t join PDP because am a loyalist member of APC party, perhaps am among asiwaju grassroot loyalist from Alausa community, aside from my aspiration, Asiwaju is also contesting I have to canvas and vote for him, if you live in Alausa you either have a relationship with Asiwaju directly or indirectly because as a grassroot politician who live in the community where asiwaju voting unit is we are all up for him

10: Are you happy with the performance of the current person representing epe Constituency, so far and what can you say about his performance so far

The incumbent house of assembly member hon. Tobun have tried his best as our representative in Epe 1 for eleven years to complete his third term tenure in 2023, but development is a continuous thing, I will continue to say I want to be his successor, more so he is more unless like a father to me, some people knows am once his supporter, and his family house from the mother side his just beside my family house i will say we are from same compound, he has really done his best and we will always appreciate his contribution

11: Do you think state police is one of the ways to fight crime?

Yes, on this topic, if you study a course on security the basic idea of reducing crimes in any society include creating state and local securities, but as a socialite I will like the federal/ and state government to include more educating program so that everybody can know the disadvantage of getting involved in crimes to the youth in particular

12:What’s the position of your party towards women’s participation in politics?

APC is for peace and unity the party have chosen several women to represent the party in the most level of representatives, I can’t begin to count how many elected women we have from our party, we once had a female deputy Governor in Lagos state we have them as members of the state assembly, as senators and ministers and as chairperson, I can’t condemn their participation because they are performing well

13: what can tell the youth about your ambition?

This is a good question I have been waiting for If I emerge as the next state assembly member in 2023 to represent Epe 1, in 2027 the youth in Epe will come out in hundred to showcase their interest, that if am elected, that is to tell you they are interested in holding political positions but they are not ready to struggle it out, sincerely am ashamed of my fellow youths, those who are not embracing this opportunity when I break the yolk they will all want to lick it, the world knows we the youth are the majority carrying out electoral activities why should we now be count out of elected political positions in Epe Constituency 1

Epe youth need to rethink because the present commissioner for finance is a youth, perhaps we have other assembly members who emerge when they are even younger than hi am, why should age be a barrier in our own constituent, most times when consulting on my aspiration almost everyone is saying I salute your courage to be contesting for LAHA, my question to the Epe community is that is this position LAHA met for the old people? NO

I only need our party leaders the decision-maker in Epe to give me a listening ear I will do better I promise

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