Every day, Balu Boy, DRE continues to invite us into the universe of his latest and most popular song, “Balu”.

Dre’s current song, “Balu,” is playing in the background of everything Dre does these days. On social media, he’s become more vibrant and engaged, distributing Balu-related information.

Today, he unveils his Balu Merchandise, which is now available for purchase due to popular demand.




Below are some promotional images, prices, and instructions for placing an order:

Balu Merch 2.jpg
Balu Merch 3.jpg
Balu Merch 1.jpg


Balu Merch 7 (2).jpg
Balu Merch 5.jpg
Balu Merch 7.jpg

To place an order, contact:

Call/Whatsapp: +2348105362641

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