July 20, 2024

In recent times, Canada has seen a significant rise in immigration. People from across the globe account for greater than 25% of the jobs in Canada. Due to the aging of Canada’s population and low birth rates, immigrants have more opportunities to be part of the workforce.

This is perhaps the most challenging part of living in Canada. This is why Canadian employers are now seeking qualified workers to help keep their businesses operating. Although Canadian businesses do not have to provide foreign workers with a visa, they can assist with filing a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to Employment and Social Development (ESDC) Canada on your behalf. The department is responsible for improving Canadians’ quality of life and standard of living. They oversee the labor market and ensure the most equitable and fair employment policies are implemented.

You can submit a request for a job visa when you’re Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is positive. To obtain a work permit, Canada is a top priority for you. It is crucial to be employed by an employer willing to handle the procedure for you and pay the cost of submitting your application.

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Here are a few Canadian firms that employ foreign workers.

Google Canada Inc.

Google Canada, headquartered in Toronto, has an international workforce. Jobs in engineering and technology sales, legal job opportunities, and design positions are available. Google is an employer of equal opportunity and does not discriminate based on race or color, national origin or disability, or gender. If you’ve got plenty of experience and can communicate in English or French proficiently, your odds of being hired by the global headquarters of Google in Canada are higher. Google offers a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities open in Canada.

P&H Farming

Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited (P&H) is a Canadian family-owned business with more than 100 years of agriculture experience. P&H, founded in 1909, is a growth-oriented, diversified, and vertically-integrated company that operates in grain marketing, crop inputs, flour milling, and feed mills. It is among the most prominent Canadian corporations that provide foreign workers.

Parrish and Heimbecker Limited collaborates with Canadian farmers and food producers who offer their products, including baked goods, to the domestic and international markets. Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited is a service that serves Canadian farmers from the moment they start to export and all the steps between, thanks to its established assets network, strong connections with customers, and ongoing expansion of its infrastructure.

Since agriculture is an industry that is huge in Canada, firms that deal in agriculture like P&H seek to employ foreign workers to meet gaps in labor and ensure there’s always food to eat. Although farming is considered unskilled, getting some experience and being young will aid the application process.


Examining financial firms is another method to locate sponsorship opportunities in Canada. KPMG is a Canadian auditor and tax consultant firm with its headquarters in Vancouver. They don’t just provide positions in the field of finance for executives and professionals who have experience as well as to students in school. They promote them as inclusive and place equality and diversity as their top priorities in their hiring policies.

KPMG Canada is committed to creating a welcoming, respectful, and barrier-free workplace where every employee can bring their total selves to the table.

They believe that employee inclusion, equality, diversity, and inclusion can benefit the company and enhance the work culture. It also helps the company to establish connections with employees, customers, and the communities.

Their employees’ diversity reflects their clients’ diversity and the communities in which they operate. Their diverse workforce embodies the values they hold.

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Bank of Nova Scotia, or Scotiabank, is a multi-national Canadian financial service and banking company with its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. It is among the country’s Big Five and the third largest Canadian banks by market capitalization and deposits.

Do you wish to create seamless and safe digital experiences? Based on your preferences and goals for your career, The bank has different jobs. The Retail Banking team may be the right fit if you like developing connections. Join the bank’s tech department and become a part of the future of banking.

Take a look at accounting and finance job openings to increase your knowledge of finance. You will earn and grow while working with world-class clients when you join Scotiabank’s Global Banking and Markets division. Please find out more about Commercial Banking so that you can help your clients build their businesses.

The name of Scotiabank is built on the work of its employees. The openness of their culture fosters diversity, and the numerous accolades come from their positive work environment. They are proud of their efforts to encourage innovative ideas, professional growth, and respect for one another. Their warm and welcoming workplace is perfect for international workers. They are constantly seeking fresh team members.

Elastic Path

Canadian businesses that support foreign workers. Elastic Path is the final firm on the list. Elastic Path is a headless commerce platform that integrates eCommerce templates with Enterprise Resource Planning as middleware. The application is targeted at enterprises. Find openings in human resources, business development marketing, product development, and marketing as well as sales within this Vancouver-based firm.

Work Permits

Once you have found sponsorship opportunities in Canada that grant you an LMIA, You must apply for an employment permit. A Work Permit is a document or card that provides you with the right to work within Canada. Work permits fall into two kinds:

Open Work Permit

There are no limitations for this type of work permit. The permit does not contain details regarding the employer’s employment. It is not even required to submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or an offer of employment.

The process of obtaining a work permit in Canada doesn’t have to be complicated, but you have to meet the following requirements:

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Are you the spouse or common-law spouse of a temporary or foreign national employee in professions classified by National Occupation Classification (NOC) as Level O, A, or B?

Are you the common-law spouse of someone with an international degree enrolled in the full-time study?

Are you an international student who has just completed your studies at a Canadian higher education institution?

Employer-Specific Work Permit

There are a few restrictions associated with this kind of permit for work. It defines the type of work you will be doing and the employer’s name and address, which limits your job to the specific position.

If you wish to be employed by a different organization, you need to apply for an additional work permit; However, most of the time, you’ll be able to keep your current permit.


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