BBTitans housemate, Khosi professes love for ‘Igbo boys,’ as Yemi ends interest

South African BBTitans housemate, Khosi, has disclosed that she has always liked men from the Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria.

The 25-year-old had initially appeared to have fallen in love with Yemi Cregx, fellow housemate from Nigeria, as both were seen kissing on two occasions.

However, the romance with Yemi didn’t last long as the Nigerian ended it, accusing her of not allowing him to interact with other housemates.

The fitness guru who seems to be moving on quickly, made her intentions known to another BBTitans housemate, Miracle.

But Khosi stated that she told Yemi that she had always liked Igbo boys, leaving Miracle in a state of confusion.

She said, “I even told Yemi, I like Igbo men, but I guess.”


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