2023: Nigeria ripe for youth president, says Imumolen

A presidential aspirant of the Accord Party, Prof Chris Imumolen, has said the time is right for youth to be Nigeria’s president.

Imumolen told journalists during his Presidential Southern Leadership and Consultative meeting, that though he was hopeful that a youth could become president after the 2023 general elections, it was imperative to reject the past and present leaders of the country who have left no lasting legacy.

He said, “Nigeria with a population of over 200 million certainly is a great country and such leadership will go a long way to make it a great place. Youths in the country between the ages of 18 and 35 are more than older generations, yet the country has been unable to translate the energy of its young population into development.

“The world is going digital and I believe the younger generation is more exposed internationally in ICT, and in tackling various challenges rocking the country than the older generation.

“Unfortunately, young Nigerians don’t only suffer marginalisation from a government that is run by a gerontocracy. They are also the victims of bad governance.

“Therefore, my ambition is to move the country forward and I believe with new ideologies youthful and vibrant ambition Nigeria is on the right part and Nigeria will be great. This is why I asked Nigerians to vote for people like me during the general elections if I am able to secure my Party ticket.”

Other speakers at the event called on Nigerians to vote out those not placing their welfare at the front burner.

The presidential leadership and consultative meeting was attended by students, women leaders, and members of the Accord Party from the southern region.

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